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Reusable Cotton Face Mask

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20.00 Grams

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  • Multi-layer mask made of two layers of pleasant organic cotton.
  • A mask breathes and does not suffocate the nose and mouth.
  • 2 wide rubber bands and no pressure on the head. 
  • The masks are made of 100% organic cotton.
  • Certified by international gots for organic and clean spraying and harmful chemicals.
  • Made in Israel.
  • Wearing a face mask does not guarantee protection from the Coronavirus.
  • Viruses can also pass through the eyes and tiny viral particles, which can penetrate masks.
Wearing a face mask is not a promise that you will not start a virus, viruses can also pass through the eyes and tiny viral particles, called aerosols, can infiltrate the masks. However, droplet-capturing masks are effective as a coronary virus main conduit, and some studies have estimated protection about five times as high as no barriers (although others have found lower efficacy levels). If you are likely to be in close contact with someone who is infected, a mask reduces the chance that the disease will pass. If you show or have been diagnosed with corona virus symptoms, wearing a mask can also protect others. Therefore, masks are critical for health and social care professionals who treat patients and are also recommended for family members who need to treat someone who is ill - ideally both the patient and the caregiver should wear a mask.
laundry instructions:
It is recommended to wash the mask after each use and change during the day. 
Laundry at 40 degrees. Do not put the mask in the dryer. 
If the machine cannot be washed, you can also manually wash at low temperature and gently transfer the mask to the mask. 

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