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Special Offer: Uriel Cold / Hot Compression Wrap + Medi Elast Elastic Bandage

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550.00 Grams
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  • A cost effective combination for athletes.
  • Uriel cold/hot compression wrap reduces pain and swelling.
  • Medi Elast elastic bandage is a flexible bandage that applies pressure on an injured area.
  • A great treatment for strains, pulled muscles and ligaments, injured joints, swollen limbs, and sport injuries. 
  • Reusable.

More Information:

A great combination for athletes, includes: Uriel Cold / Hot Compression Wrap + Medi Elast Elastic Bandage.

Uriel Cold / Hot Compression Wrap is designed to provide therapy for both acute and chronic joint injuries. Can be used to treat sprains, strains & contusions, reducing pain and swelling to soft tissues. Promotes faster healing of joint and muscle pain, inflammation, sport or activity injuries and back spasms. The compression can be used on the wrist, shoulder, elbow, back, ankle and hip. Furthermore, the wrap is used for post-surgical procedures.

An elastic bandage is a flexible bandage, which is used in order to apply pressure on an injured area. It is usually used for applying pressure on swelled limbs or to provide support for injured joints and muscles. The bandage can also be applied in cases of complicated fractures, when it is impossible to apply a regular cast (by a professional). Integrated metal clips allow easy closure. Made of 65% cotton and 35% polyammide. Size: 10cm / 4" wide, 4.5 meters / 15 feet long.